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testosterone-litigation-seegerTestopel, the only FDA approved pellet injection, is a preferred method of testosterone therapy treatment because it secretes testosterone into the blood stream for up to four months rather than daily administration which necessary with gels, creams and injections. Being that it is the only one of its kind the makers of Testopel, Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, are facing charges specific to pellet injection for testosterone related injuries.

This method of testosterone is only approved to treat hypogonadism though many have been prescribed treatment to combat natural signs of aging such as decreased libido, lack of energy and muscle loss.

Recent studies have linked testosterone therapy to increased risks of heart attack, stroke and death. Patients that are being treated without proper testing to determine need are being placed at an unnecessary risk. The most recent study published on PLOS ONE stated that only two percent of men undergoing testosterone therapy suffer from either form of hypogonadism.

Testopel Claims

Since the FDA released a safety announcement on January 31, 2014 regarding the risks associated with testosterone and announcing that they were to begin further investigation into the safety of these products, four men have already come forward about their injuries after using a similar product, AndroGel. These men have filed testosterone lawsuits claiming they suffered heart attacks, stroke and mini-stroke. Allegations surround the companies deceiving marketing tactics which imply that the medication could be used to increase male sex drive, gain muscle and improve bone density.

These are believed to be the first of many testosterone lawsuits as more men continue to come forward about their injuries. Testopel lawsuits filed against Auxilium pharmaceuticals are predicted to increase over the next several months.

Cases against pharmaceutical companies are often consolidated into class action lawsuits, which helps expedite the trial process allowing victims to receive settlements much sooner. In a class action lawsuit, with similar cases can join upon agreement to accept equal payout as all others participating.

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