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testosterone-litigation-seegerMost men who have been watching television in the last three years have seen a commercial announcing the availability of AndroGel “Low-T” prescription treatment for low testosterone levels. Marketed to help restore testosterone levels in a male patient, the product is loosely associated with feeling younger, more active, as well as being more interested physical relations and sex. The product is available by doctor’s prescription through gel application products, patches, injections, and pellets.

AndroGel has also been increasingly linked to cases of patient cardiac arrest and difficulties, particularly in patients ages 40-75 with a pre-existing history of heart disease. Where this becomes a legal issue is whether the manufacturers of AndroGel adequately warned doctors and through them, patients, of the risks of taking AndroGel with such heart risks, leading to a higher probability of stroke or heart attack.

Multiple studies have been performed to assess these risks. From the National Cancer Institute, or NCI, to those published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, these studies point out the risks of taking AndroGel later in age with a history of heart disease.

The NCI study discovered that within the first three months of beginning treatment, the risk of heart attack in men of the age of 65 nearly doubled. JAMA published the second study which reported that men under the age of 65 were at a risk of nearly threefold over men that did not undergo any low testosterone treatment.

The likelihood of an AndroGel class action lawsuit in the near future is very high as there continues to be a growth of patients suffering negative or adverse reactions to the use of the drug and not being fully warned about the related heart risks. Such a lawsuit would help patients recover from the harm, economic loss, and suffering realized as a result of the drug not working properly or causing a heart problem. Complications being investigated for litigation include:

  • Cardiac arrest or heart attacks
  • Stroke
  • Mini-strokes
  • Embolism
  • Artery blockages or coronary artery disease
  • Death

AndroGel Class Action Lawsuits

When victims file lawsuits against large companies, such as pharmaceutical powerhouse like AbbVie Inc., it can take several months to years to process and settle. In order to expedite this process, most cases are consolidated into class action lawsuits. Class action lawsuits combined cases with similar claims in order to help speed up the trial to reach settlements quicker.

In these lawsuits, plaintiffs enter upon the agreement that all who partake in the trial will receive equal compensation from the settlement. Class action lawsuits often end with higher settlements than if a victim were to file a suit alone.

Filing an AndroGel Lawsuit

Consumers who are prescribed or have taken AndroGel in the past, or know a loved one or relative currently prescribed the drug should look closely into participating in any related class action litigation. Doing so can protect one’s rights as well as recovery ability, which has a far higher success potential together with other patients than as an individual case.

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