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testosterone-litigation-seegerAndroderm, developed by Watson Pharmaceuticals,  is available as a transdermal gel or patch used to treat men with low or declining testosterone. The natural production of testosterone, a hormone that governs male sexual and reproductive development, often slows as a result of aging which may result in a loss of sex drive and muscle mass. To stimulate testosterone production, a number of products have been developed for daily testosterone replacement therapy. It has been noted that merely two percent of men that are prescribed testosterone therapy medications actually show signs of necessity. These medications have caused heart attack, stroke, and even death in thousands of users across the country. Androderm lawsuits are currently be filed as patients seek aid for their injuries.

Androderm – FDA Warnings

Since the FDA released a safety announcement regarding the increased risks associated with low T therapy on January 31, 2014,, there have been a number of victims that attribute their injuries to these medications.

In this safety announcement, the FDA disclosed that they are beginning an investigation on testosterone-based drugs involving men both under and over the age of 65. The FDA decided to further investigate as two studies surfaced relating testosterone therapy medications to numerous heart attacks, strokes and deaths.

A study published by JAMA in 2013 reported a 19.9% risk of heart attack or stroke in men who did not have testosterone therapy and a 24.76% risk for those who did. In the second study, more than 55,000 men undergoing testosterone therapy were examined. For the men under 65, who comprised most of the study, the risk of heart attack rose twofold quickly after starting the drug. For those over 65, the twofold rise was confirmed. Other studies in the United States and elsewhere are assessing the role of testosterone therapy in stroke, heart attack, or other complications.

Androderm Lawsuit Claims

The number of Androderm lawsuits is steadily rising as victims come forward about their injuries. Thousands of men that have been prescribed treatment for ‘low T’ have not done any tests to determine if the treatment was really necessary or if the patients could could a safer alternative. This leaves men at great risk of injury without need.

Victims have already filed lawsuits claiming that Watson Pharmaceuticals using deceiving marketing tactics in order to undermine the necessity and risks associated with treatment.

If you have begun treatment for low testosterone using Androderm, and have suffered injuries or complications such as heart attack or stroke, you may be entitled to compensation. Speak with an experienced attorney immediately to discuss your options.

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