Paxil Lawsuit

Paxil is an SSRI antidepressant that may cause a number of serious side effects and birth defects. Drug maker GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has faced multiple Paxil lawsuits filed by patients or loved ones of those who took Lexapro and experienced serious injury, birth defects or death and has been named in a number of antitrust and illegal marketing claims.

Should I File a Paxil Lawsuit?

Paxil users who were injured or who gave birth to babies with birth defects after using the drug while pregnant might be able to get money to help them pay for their health problems.

Class action lawsuits have been filed against the makers of Paxil, a drug used to treat depression. The drug’s maker, GlaxoSmithKline, has paid billions of dollars to users forced to deal with injuries, birth defects, and wrongful death. Paxil has also been named in antitrust claims and was ordered to pay a fine of $3 billion in fees. Further claims say Paxil has been illegally promoted as safe for treating depression in children, despite not having received the go-ahead from the FDA for use by people younger than 18.

The maker of Paxil has also been accused of not submitting complete and honest data reports in a lawsuit in New York in 2007. The claim states it gave false data about children using Paxil and has been ordered to provide new data about problems or the next decade.

Warnings about Paxil

Paxil has received more than 40 warnings from drug regulatory agencies through seven countries. In 2011, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) told doctors about the risk for Paxil to increase the chance of persistent pulmonary hypertension (PPHN) in newborn babies. This came after warnings about the risk for birth defects in babies born to mothers using Paxil.

Warnings for Paxil were also issued in Australia about an increase in death rates among female Paxil users. The United States also issued a public health warning about Paxil’s risk for inducing serotonin syndrome. This condition can cause hallucinations and hypertensive crisis, and in some cases, be fatal.

Side Effects of Paxil

Like all drugs, Paxil use triggers many different side effects. Some of these are mild, but others are severe and some are fatal. One of the worst of Paxil’s side effects is birth defects in babies born to mothers using the drug.

Common birth defects linked to Paxil use include:

  • Septal heart defects
  • Pulmonary stenosis
  • Pulmonary atresia
  • Malformed limbs
  • Underdeveloped or missing parts of skull
  • Spina bifida and scoliosis
  • Pulmonary Hypertension of Newborn (PPHN)
  • Cleft lip or cleft palate
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Data shows Paxil users who become pregnant have twice the risk of giving birth to baby with birth defects versus mothers using other antidepressants. Many of the babies born after exposed to Paxil had heart defects. Some were also born with an addiction to the drug. Mothers who used Paxil during the final few months before giving birth were at a greater risk of giving birth to babies with an addiction to the drug.

Addicted to Paxil?

Some users have reported an addiction to Paxil. There have been many class action lawsuits filed after users claimed it was tough for them to stop use of the drug. Users stated they had withdrawal symptoms that damaged their daily life. A lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles, California in 2001 by lawyers seeking funds for Paxil users who had become dependent on the drug. More than 1500 Paxil users took part in the lawsuit.

Many of the lawsuits filed against Paxil claim the maker of the drug has withheld data that proves withdrawal. It claims there is no proof the drug is addictive, but has settled hundreds of addiction lawsuits for millions of dollars.

Paxil also has negative effects on users and in some cases, had the opposite result than should have produced. Paxil affected how some users behaved and some did things that were self-harming. Some users died of suicide. There are about 450 Paxil lawsuits in courts right now that are a result of user suicide and the maker of the drug has paid more than $390 million in settlement money.

Hundreds of lawsuits against the makers of Paxil will be in courts in the coming month. If you or a loved one was injured because of Paxil use, you might be able to get money to help pay for treatment.

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