Copaxone Investigation

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Copaxone is made up of amino acids and combines these in order to affect the immune system. Frequently, Copaxone is used to treat multiple sclerosis and to prevent further relapse of multiple sclerosis. Although Copaxone is not effective for completely curing multiple sclerosis, it can minimize the incidences of relapses.

Copaxone is delivered as an injection under the skin. Some individuals may have a more serious reaction than others. Make sure you inform your doctor about whether or not you are allergic to Mannitol or Glatiramer prior to taking Copaxone. You should also inform your doctor if you plan to become pregnant or are currently pregnant.

Glatiramer is a synthetic protein used for treating MS and works by simulating myelin basic proteins that insulate the spinal cord and nerve fibers in the brain. Although the mechanism for doing so is not entirely understood at this time, the drug works by blocking T-cells that damage myelin.

The medication is currently approved by the FDA for patients who are diagnosed with MS. The purpose of the medication is to reduce the occurrence of relapses of MS. The drug is also approved for use with individuals who have gone through an initial clinical episode for clinically isolated syndrome and have MRI results consistent with an MS diagnosis.

Side Effects of Copaxone: Allergic Reactions

Some side effects may be associated with using Copaxone. Allergic reaction symptoms include:

  •      Swelling of the face
  •      Difficulty breathing
  •      Hives
  •      Swelling of the tongue
  •      Swelling of the throat

Side Effects of Copaxone: Dangerous Symptoms

Some side effects may also incur at the time you inject the medicine. Anytime that you feel like tightness in your throat, difficulty breathing or experience a pounding heartbeat, tell your caregiver or physician right away.

Some of the most serious and dangerous side effects associated with Copaxone include:

  •      Fluttering in your chest or a pounding heartbeat
  •      Flushing
  •      Chest pain
  •      Skin changes where the injection was given

Bear in mind that other medications may also impact Glatiramer including vitamins, over the counter medicines, herbal products and prescription drugs. You should always talk to your doctor if you have concerns about medications interfering with one another prior to taking a new one.

Notwithstanding claims relating to this product, the drug/medical device remains approved by the U.S. FDA.