Tylenol Lawsuit

tylenol lawsuitEvery year, Tylenol earns more than $1 billion in sales. It is one of the most well-known worldwide names in over-the-counter pain relief. Tylenol is manufactured by pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson. Millions of people benefit from taking Tylenol for pain relief. However, a number of Tylenol patients have also experienced serious complications such as liver damage or death. Johnson & Johnson faces several Tylenol lawsuits from injured patients or family members of deceased Tylenol users.

Studies Link Tylenol to Liver Damage

A number of studies have shown that acetaminophen is a significant cause of liver damage. Excessively high doses of acetaminophen can result in acute liver failure. If this condition does not receive immediate medical attention, it may result in death for the patient. Liver damage rates are significantly higher if patients consume alcohol in conjunction with taking acetaminophen. Roughly 200 acetaminophen deaths per year are reported. In addition, roughly 56,000 emergency room visits are attributed to acetaminophen overdose.

Tylenol Lawsuit Claims

Infant Death

Illinois parents Malgorzata and Michael Cherry filed a Tylenol lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson. The lawsuit claims that a bacterial contamination in the infant formula Tylenol was responsible for the death of their infant son in 2010. The medication that their son Markus consumed was manufactured in a Pennsylvania plant. Allegedly, the plant was cited for a number of FDA quality-control violations before it temporarily shut down.

The Cherry family’s Tylenol lawsuit also alleges that Johnson & Johnson was aware of the contamination. Instead of issuing a public recall, the company quietly removed the products from store shelves before the recall was issued. The Cherry family is suing for defect liability, negligent manufacturing, failure to warn, consumer fraud, and misrepresentation.

Toddler Death

In July 2010, two-year-old River Moore allegedly died from taking Children’s Tylenol. River’s parents Katy and Daniel Moore claim that their son began spitting up blood within 30 minutes of taking the drug. The next day, River died of liver failure. The family’s lawyer believes that the Tylenol batch was a super-dose which contained dangerously high levels of acetaminophen. River’s autopsy revealed that his liver enzymes were noted at three times the average level.

Children’s Product Recall

In July 2010, five class action complaints were filed in a Tylenol lawsuit from disgruntled consumers. The plaintiffs accused Johnson & Johnson of fraud and racketeering because the company did not recall all of the children’s drugs and failed to offer consumers the opportunity to recover in full their out-of-pocket expenses. The Tylenol lawsuit took place after Johnson & Johnson recalled 40 children’s products after the Pennsylvania plant was flagged for bacterial ingredient contamination and filthy equipment. This specific recall took place two weeks after infant Markus Cherry died.

Liver Failure and Transplant

In 1994, Antonio Benedi of Virginia was awarded $8.8 million after a combination of Tylenol and regular consumption of wine at dinner resulted in liver loss. Of the total award, $7.8 million was for compensatory damages and the remaining $1 million was for punitive damages. Benedi was President George Bush’s appointments and scheduling secretary. After several days of taking Extra Strength Tylenol for the flu and drinking wine with dinner, Benedi became comatose. His liver was transplanted after doctors discovered liver failure.

Filing a Tylenol Lawsuit

Those who have suffered liver damage or other serious injury from Tylenol may be eligible to receive compensation from Johnson & Johnson through a Tylenol lawsuit. Additionally, family members from a loved one whose death is believed to be caused by Tylenol may also be eligible to file a Tylenol lawsuit. Those who wish to file a Tylenol lawsuit should seek an attorney immediately. An experienced attorney can help answer Tylenol lawsuit questions and advise plaintiffs on their legal options. Fill out our form today for a free case evaluation!