Testosterone Lawyer

Testosterone therapy manufacturers have been accused of aggressively marketing their medications for unnecessary reasons including “Low-T” treatments, which may have resulted in heart attack, stroke or serious injury. Many men have chosen to seek assistance from a testosterone lawyer to determine whether a testosterone lawsuit is appropriate.

testosterone-litigation-seegerThese days, many Americans rely on medication in order to treat their medical issues. In most cases, for the sake of one’s health and adherence to medical practices, individuals will visit a medical professional to receive the treatment and subsequent prescription that they need in order to mollify or eliminate their medical problem. However, rather than being properly treated by the prescribed medication, it is becoming increasingly common for patients to suffer from devastating and damaging side effects.One prominent example of this is testosterone therapy medications. Testosterone therapy medications are meant to treat low testosterone levels in both men and women. However, in many cases, testosterone therapy has led to the unfortunate and dangerous side effect of stroke and heart attack among many users.

Recent Studies

Testosterone Lawyer

As of recent, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a safety announcement declaring that testosterone therapy medications have led to stroke in some users.

In addition, a study by Harvard Health Publications also added caution to using testosterone therapy products. For those that use testosterone therapy, it should not be the case that an approved drug leads to such terrible consequences. Not only does using testosterone therapy drugs lead to severe medical consequences, but is also reduces one’s own quality of life and ability to function normally.

In light of the recent physical and psychological damage caused to many individuals, the testosterone attorneys of Seeger Weiss LLP has decided to undertake such cases in order to help individuals regain the compensation they deserve. Choosing the right testosterone therapy lawyer to represent you or a loved one will prove to be highly advantageous, as the firm Seeger Weiss LLP has a number of outstanding attributes that truly set it apart from other testosterone therapy attorneys.

Prior Experience

When choosing the right testosterone therapy lawyer to represent your case, it is necessary to review whether or not the firm has successful prior experience. Seeger Weiss has long time experience in representing clients in similar drug injury cases.

The firm has won cases against pharmaceutical companies such a Roche Company and Merck & Co. These cases have helped client not only prove allegations against the companies, but it has also provided clients with the compensation they deserved for their drug related suffering and injuries.

The firm’s ability to effectively represent clients stems from the firm’s renowned legal team. Partners at Seeger Weiss have been elected to prestigious law reviews and have been mentioned as “Super Lawyers.” In addition, the firm itself has been positively mentioned three years in a row in the National Law Journal’s “Plaintiffs’ Hot List.” Overall, the legal team at Seeger Weiss is not just any legal team, it is one that has gained tremendous recognition for its ability to provide clients with the consistent and successful representation that they deserve.

The Firm that Goes the Distance

Apart from prior experience and a suit of successful cases, the firm is also known to truly “go the distance” for every case the firm represents. The firm adamantly assesses each case to the fullest extent and builds a strong and comprehensive file. Seeger Weiss is fully dedicated to representing clients to the fullest extent possible, as it believes that represented clients deserve to receive the compensation that is due to them.

The stroke and heart related injuries that you have incurred as a result of faulty testosterone therapy drugs is more than just a medical problem, it is an issue that has severely affected your ability to work, live, and perhaps mentally perform. Therefore, Seeger Weiss is the firm that will fight for your right to not only be fairly compensated, but it will also treat you as a voice that should be heard.