How Do I Know I Have a Dangerous Drug Lawsuit?

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Individuals and their loved ones who have been injured by a prescription drug or medication might have a right to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the drug, as well as others involved.

Pharmaceutical companies are responsible for providing safe products to consumers. They are supposed to subject their drugs to testing and be open and honest about any risks associated with their products. They are also responsible for providing complete and transparent information to the Food and Drug Administration when submitting their application for approval.

If it is found a drug company failed to meet any of its responsibilities, it can be held financially liable for any injuries, illnesses, or death that occur because of its product.

Despite the safeguards that are in place, drug companies still managed to avoid liability when people are injured because of their products. Dangerous drug lawsuits are one of the most powerful tools consumers have for taking action against the drug companies for their neglect and other wrongdoing.

Individuals and family members who have lost loved ones to dangerous drugs have a right to seek compensation for their damages. However, filing a lawsuit against a drug manufacturer is about more than receiving money – it’s about getting justice and sending a message to other companies that they will be held accountable for their actions.

Regardless of your right to file a lawsuit when you or a loved one is injured by a dangerous drug, you can expect the manufacturer of the product to fight back. Most have teams of lawyers on their side ready to defend them against “the little guys.” They know there is a lot at stake and they will do whatever they can to silence complaints about their products. In some cases, their efforts will include quick out-of-court settlements, but in other cases, they will stretch out the legal process and make it as complicated and expensive as possible for the victim.

How Do You Know Your Claim is Reasonable?

It’s not enough to believe a drug caused you harm. You must be able to prove you suffered and that the suffering was a direct result of using a legally obtained prescription drug. An attorney familiar with dangerous drug cases will evaluate your claim to determine if you should proceed with legal action.

If you have been injured as the result of using a dangerous drug you could be eligible to take legal action, especially if it can be shown that the drug’s manufacturer was aware of the risks associated with its product but failed to warn consumers or the medical community. As a matter of fact, a failure-to-warn claim is a specific type of allegation against a defendant. Those harmed by dangerous drugs might also file claims alleging safety and design defects if it can be shown that a product was designed or made with problems.

Dangerous drug lawsuits are complex. Many of the lawsuits that target the pharmaceutical and medical products industry take years to resolve. Occasionally, when many people have been affected by a dangerous drug, the lawsuits are combined into multi-district litigation or class actions.

FDA’s Role in Dangerous Drug Lawsuits

The FDA bears some of the responsibility for consumers being injured by dangerous drugs. The agency is responsible for evaluating and approving for sale pharmaceutical products and when it fails to determine if a drug is safe before allowing it to be sold, it is at least partially to blame.

Additionally, the FDA’s approval process has been called into question, especially concerning products it evaluates through its fast-track program.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a dangerous drug, you should contact an attorney about your situation.

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