Mass Destruction Side Effects

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Mass Destruction is a well-known “dual compound prohormone” dietary supplement used to increase muscle mass and energy levels. Unlike steroids that add hormones to the body, prohormones only aid in the strengthening and enhancement of hormones that already exist in the body. Because they are only precursors to hormones that are already a part of your system they are known to have little to no health risk.

Founded in 2011, Blunt Force Nutrition Inc. introduced Mass Destruction as a top dietary supplement for serious athletes and bodybuilders. The 1970s marked an explosion in the growth of the bodybuilding supplement industry and every year the FDA reports nearly 50,000 health problems a year due to these various supplements. Mass Destruction has been linked to a wide range of different side effects and although only one case has been filed, several consumers have reported experiencing adverse side effects after using the supplement. Side effects include dizziness, headaches, fatigue, and liver damage.

Mass Destruction Side Effects Overview

In general, the Mass Destruction dietary supplement is well tolerated by consumers with very little side effects. However, the side effects that occur are dangerous. Because they are so uncommon it is strongly advised that if you do experience any side effects you are encouraged to seek medical help immediately. A physician can ensure the side effects are not caused by underlying conditions. If the use of Mass Destruction dietary supplement is causing liver damage, consumers should stop using the product and receive medical treatment immediately.

Mass Destruction Liver Damage

The incidences of liver damage from dietary supplements have tripled in the last decade. Extensive use of a dietary supplement with anabolic steroids can lead to such extreme liver damage; the consumer may need a transplant. Most men with injury to their liver become very jaundiced for a long period of time. The liver loses its ability to filter harmful waste through the body. Without a properly functioning liver, consumers of Mass Destruction dietary supplement may experience weight loss, constant sickness and perhaps extreme itchiness. Unlike prescription drugs, dietary supplements do not have all ingredients labeled clearly. Some liver damage is attributed to unlisted steroids.

Mass Destruction Increased Cholesterol

The prohormone used in Mass Destruction dietary supplement has been known to cause high bad cholesterol levels and increased blood pressure. With increased blood pressure and cholesterol levels, consumers may experience heart and circulation problems.