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Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, is an infection caused by staph bacteria. The difference between this type of infection and others is the fact that it is resistant to normal antibiotic treatments. This makes dealing with the infection far more difficult.

These types of infections will generally affect those who have been in the hospital, but they can occur in other healthcare settings as well, such as nursing homes. The infection often starts as small red bumps or boils, but they can turn into painful abscesses quickly. They stay on the skin but have the potential to get into the body and cause other sorts of infections that affect the heart, lungs, joints, and the blood. Naturally, these are extremely dangerous and require special treatment. Even though MRSA is antibiotic resistant, they will still respond to certain types of treatment.

MRSA Problems in Sutter Memorial Hospital

In Sacramento, CA at Sutter Memorial Hospital, a large outbreak of MRSA affected more than twenty infants at the hospital in 2012. The MRSA was supposedly only on the skin of the infants and two of the infants developed symptoms related to MRSA. The babies received treatment and the hospital received a thorough cleaning.

At least five families planned to use the hospital for negligence. The negligence case was said to have some weight to it, as there was video of unhygienic practices. The video, which was meant to record the birth of Stacy Heard’s child, happened to catch the doctor coming into the room with gloves on and opening the door. He never changed gloves before helping deliver the baby. The lawsuits alleged that those sorts of practices were actually common at the hospital.

MRSA in Jail

In Cumberland County, NJ, a county jail inmate received $125,000 in a settlement due to a staph infection while in jail. The inmate, James Parker, contracted the infection in jail, causing a boil to form on his inner thigh. The boil was about the size of a softball, and required surgery to remove. The lawsuit alleged that the county jail did not provide proper treatment and was negligent, which led to the infection. Another inmate, Vincent Rodriguez, died after contracting MRSA at the county jail.

MRSA and the NFL

One of the high profile MRSA cases surrounds the NFLPA, National Football League Players Association, who were considering filing a lawsuit on behalf of several members of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in September of 2013. The association claimed that one of the team’s training staff may have spread the MRSA to players on the team, including Lawrence Tynes and Carl Nicks. They had different strains of MRSA.

Better Prevention Needed

Cleanliness is generally the best way to prevent the spread of MRSA in a hospital environment, and this is where the troubles arise. Even though hospitals have certain rules and regulations regarding cleanliness, the staff does not always adhere to those rules. When the staff does not wash their hands and use sanitary procedures and clean linens, it is possible to spread MRSA.

Those who have suffered from an MRSA infection or who have had family members who suffered from an infection should speak with an attorney and determine how to proceed.

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